Give a gift that will have everyone laughing. Candy shaped like a penis. All sorts of suckers, pacifiers, hard candies, and tarts can be found in this alluring shape.

Types of Penis Candies

Penis Suckers

Wrap your lips around something tasty and sweet. Molded in the form of the always exciting penis. Choose from single packages to sets of a dozen.
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Dick Tarts

Dick tarts are hilarious tic-tac like containers of fruit-flavored penis-shaped candies. They taste good and you will be sure to raise quite a few eyebrows if you offer someone a 'dicktart'. Available in orange (shown), strawberry, banana, cinnamon, peppermint, and spearmint.
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Holiday Dick Candies

Inject some humor in the holidays. Give an unmarked gift, or simply whip out some candies in a dish for everyone to eat. Festive, yet naughty.
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Penis Candy Necklaces

Great conversation starter and fun bedroom candies. Tasting like your standard candy necklace, but with fun penis shapes. Even found in bulk (24 necklaces).
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Chewy Penis Candy

Gummy penis candies stretch, hang to a certain side and are fun to eat. Liven up your bacheloreete party with a package of fun gummy candies. Available also are neat gummy cockrings. Use them and then eat them.
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